Future of Greenland 2024

The world is calling for sustainable solutions and Greenland may very well be in a good position to deliver on many of these. But what is Greenland’s potential and what does our future look like? And who should actually discuss the Greenland of the future?

For the first time ever, Greenland Business Association is holding a youth business conference that brings the country’s young people very close to opinion makers and decision makers. Because isn’t it best to let the people who will live in the Greenland of the future help set the direction? The conference gives young people the experience of being at a “real” business conference and it ends with the conference’s messages being delivered to the chairman of Naalakkersuisut and subsequently to all the participants at the Future Greenland conference, which will be held for the 9th time in Nuuk in 2024.

The topics for the conference are both sustainability and the role of civil society in the country’s development. How do you use social media to be part of the public debate, what is democracy, are there exciting jobs for young Greenlanders in the global world and can you actually make a living from being a musician and artist?….are some of the questions to which the conference will try to provide answers. But the young people also get to meet politicians and employers, participate in debates and generally feel the atmosphere of a conference where major issues are brought up for debate.

The conference is free of charge and is financed by private sponsors and Greenland Business Association.

Future of Greenland opens its doors to the world and invites Greenland’s youth to meet and challenge stakeholders and opinion-makers from both at home and abroad. Greenland Business Association believe that it is the people who are the future of Greenland who are best placed to decide what the future of Greenland should look like: The Future of Greenland!