Tuesday 14th May 2024

08:30-08:40Welcome to the Future Greenland 2024 business conference.
CEO Christian Keldsen
08:40-09:00Greenland and sustainability: Where is the business community and government going?
Prime minister Mûte B. Egede and Chairman of the Greenland Business Association Krissie Winberg
09:00-09:20Greetings from the Future of Greenland
09:20-09:40The global Greenland – Trade with the world past, present and future
Permanent secretary Mininnguaq Kleist and Head of Representation Jens Heinrich
09:40-10:00Investing for and in the climate
Tommy Ahlers
10:00-10:20Shaping a new tomorrow
British Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark Emma Hopkins
10:45-11:10How to catch the attention of an airline
Panel debate w/ Lee Lipton, featuring CEO Jacob Nitter Sørensen from Air Greenland + more
11:10-11:35Sustainability in all parts of the Commonwealth. What is driving the agenda?
Political panel debate w/ amongst others Minister Kalistat Lund
11:35-11:55A joint effort for a sustainable future
Karen Ellemann, Secretary General to the Nordic Council of Ministers
11:55-12:20Panel debate with the keynotes from this morning
13:30-15:00Side Events:
– The Civil Society and the NGOs. Are we missing any solutions and where are the good partnerships?

– Without financing – no development. What does it mean to attract investments?

A sustainable society obviously has a strong press!
15:30-16:00Political round table – the party leaders debate sustainability
16:00-16:10The Bank of Greenland Business foundation: Entrepreneur of the year award 2024.
Chairman of the board Kristian Lennert
16:10-16:20See you tomorrow
18:00-19:30Networking reception at Hotel Hans Egede

Wednesday 15th May 2024

08:30-08:40About yesterday
08:40-09:00The new businesses in Greenland. Are we facing a financial sustainable future?
Minister Naaja Nathanielsen and CEO Christian Keldsen
09:00-09:20The Greenlandic work force. A new approach?
Pilo Samuelsen and Hanne Danielsen, Siu Tsiu
09:20-09:40Gender diversity in entrepreneurship. Is the road to success equal for all?
Founder and creative director at Roccamore Shoes Frederikke Schmidt
09:40-10:00Show or business? The untapped business potential in Greenlandic film.
Emile Hertling Péronard from Ánorâk Film & Polarama Greenland
10:00-10:20The Faroe Islands and the SMEs – how do we make sustainability part of the agenda?
Eva Skeel Nolsø from the Faroese Sustainability Initiative
10:45-11:10The sustainable labour market, the organizations, and the cohesion of Greenland
Panel debate w/ Jess G. Berthelsen (SIK), Krissie Winberg (GBA) and Elna Heilmann (IMAK)
11:10-11:25Sustainability also involves economic and social components in society.
Torben M. Andersen and Merete Lindstrøm
11:25-11:45What do doughnuts have to do with sustainability and construction?
Inooraq Brandt from Rambøll
11:45-12:00Fuelling the future. Future energy and energy sources.
Peter Christian Kjærgaard from DTU
12:00-12:15The potential for a stronger sustainability concept. Experience from research into Greenlandic food.
Aviaja Lyberth Hauptmann from Ilimatusarfik
13:30-15:00Side Events:
– Will your husband be joining the meeting?

– How can science and defence cooperate?

– Is politics only for politicians? Foreign politics are interested in you!

– Inuit influence on Arctic marine governance.
15:30-16:30Political round table– the mayors discuss the municipalities’ collaboration with the business community and civil society
16:30-16:45Thank you FG24 – see you in 2026
16:45-18:30Reception at Katuaq