Tuesday 14th May 2024

08:30-08:40Welcome to the Future Greenland 2024 Business conference
CEO Christian Keldsen  
08:40-09:00Greenland and sustainability: Where is the business community and government going?
Prime minister Múte B. Egede and Chairman of the Greenland Business Association Krissie Winberg  
09:00-09:20Greetings from the Future of Greenland
Palleq Kristiansen, Aia Jeppson og Aviaaja Korneliussen, representatives of the Future of Greenland  
09:20-09:40The global Greenland – Trade with the world past, present and future
Permanent secretary Mininnguaq Kleist and Head of Representation Jens Heinrich  
09:40-10:00Investing for and in the climate
Tommy Ahlers, Climate investor and former Lion from the Lion’s Den  
10:00-10:20Shaping a new tomorrow
British Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark Emma Hopkins and Trade Commissioner Chris Barton  
10:20-10:45Coffee break
10:45-11:10How to catch the attention of an airline
Panel debate w/ Lee Lipton, ASM, feat. CEO Jacob Nitter Sørensen, Air Greenland and Snorri Tómasson, Icelandair  
11:10-11:35Sustainability in Iceland. What is driving the agenda?
Dialogue between Inga Dora G. Markussen and Consul General Geir Oddsson  
11:35-11:45A joint effort for a sustainable future
Karen Ellemann, Secretary General to the Nordic Council of Ministers  
11:45-12:20Panel debate – Putting the Green in Greenland
British Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark Emma Hopkins, Consul General Geir Oddsson and  Irish Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark, Elizabeth McCullough and Head of Representation Jens Heinrich
12:20-13.15          Lunch  
13:30-15:00                            Side Events:
1: The Civil Society and the NGOs. Are we missing any solutions and where are the good partnerships? [interactive side event]
Side event moderatet by: Inaluk Brandt & Michael Binzer, Visiobox Consulting ApS.
Panel participants: Anja Hynne, Tilioq, Johanne L. Knudsen Nanu Børn, Jonas Jensen, GIF

Location: ”Lille sal”/Katuaq  

2: Without financing – no development. What does it mean to attract investments?
Side event moderatet by: Director Mads Qvist Frederiksen, Arctic Economic Council.
Panel participants: Pernille Lohmann, CEO of DLR Kredit A/S, Troels Ranis, Senior VicePresident, Danish Industry,  Aviaaja Knudsen, NunaGreen, CEO, Rikardur Rikardsson, EVP of Business Development and Innovation at Landsvirkjun, the National Power Co. of Iceland, Corinne Sandberg, Project Director, EDF

Location: “Hans Lynge salen”/Katuaq  

3: A sustainable society obviously has a strong press!
Side event moderatet by: Martin Breum, Journalist
Panel participants: Annga Lynge, CEO of KNR, Masana Egede, CEO of Sermitisiaq, Jens Ringberg DR, Nina Einem, NRK

Location: Hotel Hans Egede, conference room 57/58  
15:30-16:30Political round table – the party leaders debate sustainability
The panel will be moderated by journalist Merete Lindstrøm
Political leaders: Múte B. Egede (Inuit Ataqatigiit), Jens Frederik Nielsen (Demokratiit), Aqqalu Jerimiassen (Atassut), Erik Jensen (Siumut)  
16:30-16:40The Bank of Greenland Business foundation: Entrepreneur of the year award 2024. Chairman of the board Kristian Lennert
16:40-16:50See you tomorrow  
17:30-19:00Networking reception at Hotel Hans Egede

Wednesday 15th May 2024

Future Greenland Program – Wednesday 15th May 2024  
08:30-08:40About yesterday
08:40-09:00The new businesses in Greenland. Are we facing a financial sustainable future?
Minister Naaja Nathanielsen and CEO Christian Keldsen  
09:00-09:20The Greenlandic work force. A new approach?
Director of Siu-Tsiu Hanne Danielsen & Pilo Samuelsen, Head of Secretariat at Siu-Tsiu  
09:20-09:40Gender diversity in entrepreneurship. Is the road to success equal for all?
Founder and creative director at Roccamore Shoes Frederikke Schmidt  
09:40-10:00Show or business? The untapped business potential in Greenlandic film
Emile Hertling Péronard from Ánorâk Film & Polarama Greenland  
10:00-10:20The Faroe Islands and the SMEs – how do we make sustainability part of the agenda?
Eva Skeel Nolsø from the Faroese Sustainability Initiative  
10:20-10:45Coffee break
10:45-11:10The sustainable labour market, the organizations, and the cohesion of Greenland
Panel debate w/ Jess G. Berthelsen (SIK), Krissie Winberg (GBA) and Elna Heilmann (IMAK)  
11:10-11:25Sustainability also involves economic and social components in society
Torben M. Andersen from Greenland´s Economic Council and Journalist Merete Lindstrøm  
11:25-11:45What do doughnuts have to do with sustainability and construction?
CEO Inooraq Brandt from Rambøll  
11:45-12:00Fuelling the future. Future energy and energy sources
Professor Peter Christian Kjærgaard from DTU  
12:00-12:20The potential for a stronger sustainability concept – lessons from research in Greenlandic Indigenous foodways 
Associate Professor Aviaja Lyberth Hauptmann from Ilimatusarfik  
13:30-15:00Side Events:
1: Will your husband be joining the meeting?
Side event moderatet by:  Jacob Nitter Sørensen, chairman of the Foundation for Entrepreneurship Greenland and CEO of the Foundation for Entrepreneurship Christian Vintergaard.
Panel participants: Britta Keldsen, chairperson of the Gender Equality Council, Krissie Berthelsen, Co-owner and director of Cafe Esmeralda og Pascucci, Louise Lynge Berthelsen, director of  Nuuk Couture and Frederikke Schmidt, Founder and creative director at Roccamore Shoes

Location: ”Venskabssalen”/Katuaq  

2: What Can Research and Defence Achieve under the Defence Agreement?
Side event moderatet by: Joachim Finkielman, Dansish Industry
Panel participants: Rasmus Leander Nielsen, Nasiffik – centre for foreign & security policy, Mie S. Winding, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Aaja Chemnitz, chairman of Arctic Parliamentarians  and a member of the Danish Parliament for Inuit Ataqatigiit

Location: ”Lille sal”/Katuaq  

3: Is politics only for politicians? Foreign politics are interested in you! !      
Side event moderatet by: Greenland Foreign Policy Society, Malik Hansen.
Panel participants: Michael Binzer, Chair Polar Seafood,  Carolyn Bennet, Canadian Ambassador to Denmark, Jeppe Stransberg, Royal Danish Defence College

Location: “Hans Lynge salen”/Katuaq  

4: Inuit influence on Arctic Marine Governance.
Side event moderatet by: Sara Olsvig, international chair,Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC).
Panel participants:  Lisa Koperqualuk, Vice-President, ICC Canada, Vittus Qujaukitsoq, Director, KNAPK Andreas Olsen, Trawler manager, Royal Greenland, Perry Akavak, Project coordinator, Baffin Fisheries, Kalistat Lund, Minister for Agriculture, Self-Suffiency, Energy and Enviorment

Location: Hotel Hans Egede, Conference Room 10  
15:30-16:30Political roundtable with the Mayors
The panel will be moderated by journalist Merete Lindstrøm
Ane Hansen, Mayor, Qeqertalik Kommunia (IA), Stine Egede, Mayor, Kommune Kujalleq (IA),  Avaaraq S. Olsen, Mayor  Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq (IA) and Bendt K Kristiansen, Member of the Municipal Council, Avannaata Kommunia (IA)  
16:30-16:45Thank you – see you in 2026
16:45-18:30Reception at Katuaq