The Bank of Greenland is the main sponsor and partner for Future Greenland.

The Future Greenland conference is a key to economic development. The Bank of Greenland is proud to be a significant contributor to the Future Greenland conference. Our deep involvement in this event reflects our strong commitment to Greenland’s future and business development.

The Future Greenland conference is a catalyst for idea exchange, innovation, and growth in our society. Supporting this conference, The Bank of Greenland is key in creating a space where visionary ideas and sustainable projects can flourish.

The Bank of Greenland sees Future Greenland as an opportunity to invest in our common future and create a stronger, more sustainable economy for Greenland. We believe that investing in education, technology, and business opportunities is the key to Greenland’s economic development.

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Karin Egede

Email: FG2024@zmeetings.com
Tel: +45 24 48 48 19
Tel: +299 48 24 48