Call for papers

The Greenland Business Association (GBA) will host the 8th Future Greenland business conference on 14-15th May 2024 in Nuuk.

Every conference has a title and a theme, and in 2024 the focus will be on sustainability and green transition. Topics such as diversity in the labourmarket/workplace, energy, UN SDG, sustainable alliances, ethical mining and more will come into play.

The GBA hereby gives interested parties the opportunity to pitch ideas for key notes and sidepanels of relevance for the theme of the conference.

It is possible to send suggestions for presentations/side panels before 1st May 2023 to

The pitch must include:

  • Name of the responsible party + organisation
  • Theme and preferably a title
  • Short description of topic
  • Format (presention, panel etc.)
  • Name(s) of presenter(s)
  • Language (Greenland, Danish or English)

Presentations have a duration of 15-20 minutes and sidepanels can be up to 1½ hours long.

The GBA cannot offer to cover costs related to the presentations but will grant free access to the conference for the key notes.

The GBA retains the right to not make use of the pitches.