Greenland Business Association wants the conference to make the public debate about our country’s development stronger, rooted in a shared recognition that we cannot create the necessary economic growth without a healthy business community, more private companies, and greater exports. This debate requires the broad involvement of many organizations and actors in society.

A growth agenda requires political reforms that create an attractive business environment. Failure to do so will mean that we cannot pay for the growing demands of citizens regarding the welfare state and that the political freedom of action will be curtailed. Therefore, Greenland Business Association is working to create more room for business policy in the political debate, where “welfare policy” and people’s wishes for better and more services from the public sector often take precedence over the discussion about where the money should come from.

Without the right political framework conditions and a clear vision for business development, we cannot foster investment and entrepreneurship. Strong partnerships and cooperation between Greenlandic and foreign companies must ensure access to the capacity and skills that are not available locally. This outlook towards the world is also an important goal of the conference. That is why we at Greenland Business Association, once again in 2024, are inviting several of the actors who can see the mutual benefits of closer cooperation with Greenland, politically and commercially.